Our review on new model plants is online!

Some good news: Our review entitled ‘Plant Science’s Next Top Models‘ is already online in it’s unedited advanced form:


It’s a very nice cooperation with some very good friends: Igor Cesarino, Raffaele Dello Ioio, Gwendolyn K. Kirschner, Michael S. Ogden, Kelsey L. Picard and Madlen I. Rast-Somssich.

We introduce some very interesting new model plants, that allow us to study certain aspects of plant life. Igor wrote about Setaria viridis, Raffo covers Cardamine hirsuta, Gwen introduces Striga hermonthica, Mike wrote about Phragmites australis, Kelsey re-introduces the ‘forgotten‘ model Pisum sativum, Madlen covers Marchantia polymorpha, and Marc wrote about Eutrema salsugineum.

Nice to see it covered by GARNet and plantae.org!

Review: Plant science’s next top models (Ann. Bot)