1. Liu contributed to a Spotlight Article for Molecular Plant

    Liu has contributed to a Spotlight article for Molecular Plant, discussing recent findings by Yan et al. (2020), that pectins, more precisely β-1,4-galactans of rhamnogalacturonan I …


  2. Slowly getting back to work

    Restrictions have been slowly lifted over the past three weeks, and we are a allowed to work more again. Hopefully, things will go back to semi-normal …


  3. Still no change to working hours…

    Victoria is opening up after I-don’t-remember-how-many-weeks-of-lockdown, but we here at the Plant Sciences division are still not allowed to increase our working hours.


  4. Lockdown extended until October 26th

    So the Corona-Lockdown has been extended until October 26th. At that point it will be seven months that we have not been allowed to do anything …


  5. Back in Lockdown

    Well, that didn’t last long. We are back in lockdown with stage 4 restriction imposed in Melbourne.


  6. The next Review from the Team is online in Annals of Botany

    Following the ‘Plant science’s next top models‘ review with contribution from Marc, we can already announce the next review from the team in Annals of Botany. …


  7. Partial return to campus

    Since restrictions have been partially lifted here in Victoria, we are now slowly returning back to campus. We still only have limited access to the different …


  8. Our Review on new Model Plants is now online in its final, copy-edited version

    Our review, ‘Plant Science’s next top models’, is now online in its final, copy-edited version. It is part of the latest issue of Annals of Botany. …


  9. Lockdown continues

    As restrictions are easing over Victoria and Australia, we are still in Lockdown unfortunately. What makes matters worse is that we (the School of BioSciences) are …


  10. Botany One features our new Plant Model Review

    Very happy to read that Botany One has now also featured our review on new plant models: https://www.botany.one/2020/05/7-plants-youll-be-seeing-more-of-as-model-species/ Now we just need the final edited version …


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