New review on the A. thaliana – F. oxysporum 5176 pathosystem out

Our comprehensive overview article on the Arabidopsis thaliana – Fusarium oxysporum strain 5176 pathosystem is now published in the Journal of Experimental Botany: 

We have compiled pretty much all the data available for this pathosystem. Here’s the index of what is covered:

  1. The role of phytohormones
    1. Salicylic acid
    2. Jasmonic acid
    3. Ethylene
    4. Abscisic acid
    5. Auxin
  2. The plant’s Fo5176 detection system
    1. WAKs and RFO1
    2. THE1, MIK2 and FER
    3. Cell wall biosynthesis
  3. Downstream of the detection system
    1. Oxidases and peroxidases
    2. Heterotrimeric G proteins and MLO proteins
    3. Transcriptional regulators
    4. microRNAs
  4. The role of fungal avirulence effectors
  5. Transcriptomic datasets
  6. MAMP vs. PAMP
  7. Conclusions and Outlook

We hope that this is useful to the community!