Lockdown number 6 continues

With the government acknowledging that they won’t be able to get the current outbreak under control, we will remain in some form of lockdown until 85% of Victorians are vaccinated (~early December).

Not looking good.

200 Days of Lockdown

Today we have reached 200 days of lockdown in Melbourne. And these 200 days are only the days of actual lockdown, meaning those of strict stay-at-home order. So it doesn’t count all the weeks of gradual return to campus which followed every one of the five lockdowns we’ve had, where we are only allowed to work 1, 2 or 3 days per week.

Also, the current sixth lockdown we are in, has been extended until at least September 2nd.

Lockdown number 6

Last week we were finally back in the lab after lockdown 5, and could get our plants out and experiments going again.

Well, today we could throw them right in the bin again, as we have just entered lockdown number 6. Scheduled for 7 days for now.

Lockdown number five

Since Friday, July 16th, we are in our fifth lockdown, once again not able to work in the lab.

I really hope that this stops soon.

Hopefully we’ll be back on Wednesday, July 28th.

Back in Lockdown – for the 4th time

Since Friday, May 28th, we are back in complete lockdown, with no access to the lab. Let’s see for how long we are going this time. Originally slated to only last until Friday, June 04th, it looks like it will go longer.

Chapter 5 of the Short History of Plant Science is published

The fifth chapter of the Short History of Plant Science is now published as a preprint via Zenodo. This chapter deals with plant light microscopy, and covers topics such as Robert Hooke coining the term ‘cell’ to describe ‘cells’ while imaging cork in the 17th century, the development of the Cell Theory by Schleiden and Schwann, the revolution that was brought upon all microscopists with the parallel development of the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope and GFP as a protein tag, and finally the more recent developments such as Super-Resolution Microscopy, Vertical-Stage Microscopes or Light-Sheet Microscopes.

Chapter 5 is online here:

Two Summaries of the main events covered can be found here
and here:

And all chapters are on the main page of the Series here:

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