The next Review from the Team is online in Annals of Botany

Following the ‘Plant science’s next top models‘ review with contribution from Marc, we can already announce the next review from the team in Annals of Botany.

Liu is the first author on a new review discussing the links between phytohormone signalling and cellulose synthesis:

Associations between phytohormones and cellulose biosynthesis in land plants

Liu has covered abscisic acid, gibberellic acid, ethylene, salicylic acid and strigolactone, while Bret E. Hart from the lab of Ian Wallace has contributed parts on brassinosteroids, auxin and cytokinin, and Ghazanfar A. Khan from the Staffan Persson lab has contributed a paragraph on jasmonic acid.

Partial return to campus

Since restrictions have been partially lifted here in Victoria, we are now slowly returning back to campus. We still only have limited access to the different institutes and facilities, but at least we can work in the lab and office again for a couple of days per week. Better than nothing.

Our Review on new Model Plants is now online in its final, copy-edited version

Our review, ‘Plant Science’s next top models’, is now online in its final, copy-edited version. It is part of the latest issue of Annals of Botany.

Good to see it in this form.

See also this Twitter thread:

Lockdown continues

As restrictions are easing over Victoria and Australia, we are still in Lockdown unfortunately. What makes matters worse is that we (the School of BioSciences) are not given much information from the Faculty, so we have no idea when we’ll be allowed back. Very annoying. Things would be easier with reliable information…

Still in Lockdown

So while some restrictions were relaxed here in Victoria on May 11th, we are still not back at work here at the University of Melbourne. But we hope that at least a few of us will be able to return within the next two weeks, with more joining from June 1st, when restrictions are loosened further by the government.

Our review on new model plants is online!

Some good news: Our review entitled ‘Plant Science’s Next Top Models‘ is already online in it’s unedited advanced form:

It’s a very nice cooperation with some very good friends: Igor Cesarino, Raffaele Dello Ioio, Gwendolyn K. Kirschner, Michael S. Ogden, Kelsey L. Picard and Madlen I. Rast-Somssich.

We introduce some very interesting new model plants, that allow us to study certain aspects of plant life. Igor wrote about Setaria viridis, Raffo covers Cardamine hirsuta, Gwen introduces Striga hermonthica, Mike wrote about Phragmites australis, Kelsey re-introduces the ‘forgotten‘ model Pisum sativum, Madlen covers Marchantia polymorpha, and Marc wrote about Eutrema salsugineum.

Nice to see it covered by GARNet and!

Review: Plant science’s next top models (Ann. Bot)

We are in Lockdown

Well, the fun only lasted three weeks. Since March 21st we are in Lockdown and can’t work anymore.

It will last at least (!) until May 11th.

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